At AcuComfort-Acupuncture Laser Technology meets Traditional Practices

At AcuComfort-Acupuncture Laser Technology meets Traditional Practices

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Does the fear of needles keep you from seeking acupuncture treatment? “Needle-free acupuncture at AcuComfort opens up this effective and ancient form of Chinese medicine without the experience of needles,” explains practitioner and owner Alexandra Herold.

Her patients, who range from two to ninety-two, have the choice to receive traditional acupuncture or the alternatively painless but equally effective treatment of using cold laser therapy. Her high-quality German-made cold-laser is specifically designed for acupuncture.
“Laser-acupuncture brings together the best of today’s technology with thousands of years of alternative medicine application and results.”

An orientation towards helping others is what drives Alexandra. Following many years in human resources, she pursued a new path and passion and decided to train in naturopathic medicine in Germany, and later specialized in acupuncture in Canada. She is also experienced with other forms of healing, including reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy and different bodywork therapies. Sign up for different health and wellness workshops at her clinic.

“You can treat so much more than pain with acupuncture, such as stress, depression, hormonal imbalance, mood disorders and digestive issues.” Acupuncture has even been shown to help women preparing to conceive naturally or through IVF methods. Acupuncture is also becoming more popular for cosmetic treatments, and is possibly the only cosmetic therapy that improves both appearance, and has the potential to make you healthier. The clinic offers convenient online booking and direct billing. Call to book a free consultation.


Arc Integrated Medicine
Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct primary health care system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of medicine. At North Delta’s first naturopathic medical clinic, technology plays a role in treating patients. Naturopathic physicians have access to the most extensive laboratory services in modern medicine. “I use a lot of conventional and private alternative lab testing to identify deficiencies, imbalances and food sensitivities in patients, to optimize my patients’ health,” notes Dr. Lane.

Owner and doctor Ashleigh Lane recently added laser light therapy (LLT) to her clinic’s many services. NuHair Medical provides safe, proven, FDA approved LLT and other hair treatments, including Sunetics Bio-Stimulation, a leading technology for hair rejuvenation, which works by boosting energy in the cells, increasing collagen, protein synthesis and blood circulation.
Naturopathic medicine’s patient-centered approach enables Dr. Lane to spend the time with her patients, listening and connecting with them, to gain a holistic view of their overall health. “I decided on naturopathic medicine when I realized that the conventional medical path would not allow me to spend the kind of time with my patients that is necessary,” she explains. She helps patients navigate a journey to wellness, integrating nutrition and lifestyle into her therapy. Call to book your appointment today!

Alexandra Herold is owner of Acucomfort
Dr. Ashleigh Lane is owner of ARC Integrated Medicine, a naturopathic practice in North Delta



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