Best Ethnic Food

Best Ethnic Food


One of the advantages that we have living in the Lower Mainland is how multicultural it is. This includes getting to know all of these amazing cultures, as well as experiencing all the mouthwatering food they have to offer! Keep reading to see our list of some of the must try ethnic food places near you!

Tasty Indian Bistro

First up on our list of must try restaurants is the Tasty Indian Bistro! This restaurant serves authentic Indian food, that will make your mouth water. Additionally, the Tasty Indian Bistro has an extensive vegetarian selection to their menu. They offer take out, however, with their amazing ambiance, service and decor you’ll want to eat in! 

Taverna Gorgona

Next up is the Taverna Gorgona! This cute little Greek eatery has a bright and upbeat environment which makes this place so popular. The Taverna Gogorna offers delicious and abundant food, with a authentic feel to the restaurant. Moreover, this restaurant has a lovely courtyard patio in which you can dine on in the warmer seasons! 

Akari Japanese

Akari Japanese has been consistently voted as number one Japanese restaurant in many magazines, and offers a modern approach on traditional dishes! Their Japanese food is made from quality ingredients to make both tasty and unforgettable dishes. From basic rolls, to more lavish rolls like the Fantastic Roll or Fire On Rock Roll, you won’t regret giving this place a try! 

Pho Haven Restaurant

If you’re looking for flavorful pho with no msg, we’ve got the place for you!  Pho Haven Restaurant uses all fresh ingredients to make their pho, and the portions are generous as well. However, if pho isn’t your fancy you’re in luck! Pho Haven Restaurant also offers delicious sandwiches, rolls and noodle bowls! 

Frankfurt Doner Kebab

Last, but certainty not least, is Frankfurt Doner Kebab! These donairs aren’t made with ordinary pita bread, they’re made with daily freshly baked bread which make them even more delicious! Additionally, Frankfurt Doner Kebab also serves all fresh ingredients for the best quality and flavor their customers can get! 

Well, there you have it Delta! No matter what type of food you’re craving, you most certainly have a variety of amazing options.

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