Best Fall Activities in the Delta Area

Westham Pumpkin Patch Farm Fall Activities

Best Fall Activities in the Delta Area

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Fall is a wonderful time of year. Between the beautiful colours of the leaves, the delicious turkey meals, and the loved ones that come around, you can truly feel the comfort in this crisp and cozy season. And what better way to make the most of your time than with some fun festivities? In this blog, we’ve come up with some of the best fall activities in the Delta area for you to enjoy this season.

Westham Island Herb Pumpkin Patch

For starters, if you really want to get in the autumn mood, be sure to check out the Westham Island Herb Pumpkin Patch! Open daily until Halloween, this colourful patch offers an assortment of pumpkins “ranging in size, from grapefruit to some over a hundred pounds”. Challenge your family to find the best pumpkin in the patch! What’s more – Westham Island Herb also offers ornamental gourds, hay bales, and sweet sugar pumpkins! Guaranteed to be a memorable day for kids and adults alike.

Westham Pumpkin Patch Farm Fall Activities

Address: 4690 Kirkland Road

Emma Lea Farms Pumpkin Patch

Another must-visit pumpkin patch can be found at Emma Lea Farms. In addition to a wide selection of pumpkins and gourds, Emma Lea Farms is also home to an Oat Maze. Navigate your way through this fun and unique puzzle by answering hilarious jokes. And to finish off your day at this patch, be sure to get cozy by “grabbing a hot apple cider from The Ice Cream Shoppe and [warming] up around the fire”.

Emma Lea Farms Pumpkin Patch

Address: 2727 Westham Island Road

The Bose Corn Maze

Another way to enjoy the fall season is to challenge yourself! More specifically, put your internal compass to the test in the incredible, 25-acre Bose Corn Maze. Located in Surrey, this fun fall activity is certainly worth the drive. The Bose Corn Maze has welcomed visitors from all over Canada and across the world. Navigate your way through this exciting maze by answering trivia questions at every turn. This is an autumn must… Just be sure to wear shoes that can get muddy!

Bose Corn Maze

Address: 5948 156th Street

Annie’s Orchard

Last but not least, you really can’t go wrong with some good, old-fashioned apple picking! Annie’s Orchard, located in Aldergrove, is worth the commute. Here, you’ll find over 50 varieties of apples. And if you’re a baker, then you know this means one thing, and one thing only: apple pie! Check out Annie’s if you love “delicious, fresh picked fruit”, and more importantly, if you love to pick that fruit yourself. The novelty of plucking a fresh apple off a beautiful apple tree truly never gets old.

Annie's Orchard Apple Picking

Address: 4092 248th Street

Autumn only lasts for so long, so be sure to use this list to guide you through some great fall fun while you can!

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