Best Patios in Delta

Best Patios in Delta

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The sun is shining and the mood is light – summer is on the horizon! And what better way to celebrate the warm weather than with a chilly drink on a fabulous patio? The good news is: Delta has absolutely no shortage of great spots to try out. This blog outlines some of the must-visits!

One20 Public House

First off, One20 Public House is a hip restaurant with a very happening patio! This joint strives to “keep the environment warm and inviting” through blues-filled events, a mouth-watering menu, and premium quality beers. After a tough week at work, One20 is the perfect place to kick back with some pals and sip on some sangria under the glorious sun!

Riverhouse Marina Restaurant & Pub

Another fan-favourite goes by the name of Riverhouse Marina Restaurant and Pub. Located in Ladner, and as its name signals, this pleasant spot offers “the perfect three-in-one.” Customers can enjoy the wonders of a joyous patio whilst feasting their eyes on a phenomenal view. In operation since ’97, there are guaranteed good times to be had at Riverhouse!

Pat Quinn’s Restaurant & Bar

Next up, you won’t regret a visit to Pat Quinn’s Restaurant and Bar. Featured on our Experience Delta page many times, Pat Quinn’s offers an unforgettable patio with an abundance of delicious drinks and fabulous food to be had. Stop by on Fridays / Saturdays between 2:00 and 6:00pm or 9:00 and 11:00pm for happy hour, which includes all snacks for $8.95 and happy hour drinks between $4.75 and $8.75.

Taverna Gorgona

Last but certainly not least, Taverna Gorgona invites you for “a moment in the Mediterranean lifestyle.” This Greek restaurant is located in the heart of Ladner, and contextualizes itself with a flowery, breathtaking patio. With family recipes passed down generation to generation, Taverna Gorgona prides itself on providing good food and good company.

So there you have it, Delta! If you’re looking for good times on a patio this summer, you’ve most definitely got options. This list outlines a foolproof strategy towards happiness in the sunshine.

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