Bring on the Ice Cream!

Bring on the Ice Cream!

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In our last blog post, we highlighted some great patios for you to check out in Delta. However, if you’re less in the mood for restaurants and drinks, another great way to celebrate the sunshine is with – the one and only – ice cream! What better way to cool down than with thirst-quenching frozen yogurt, some delicious gelato, or a classic scoop of vanilla? This blog post lists some of the several fabulous spots to check out throughout Delta when you’re in need of a cool down.

Ice Cream, You Scream…

For starters, there are a couple must-try ice cream spots in Delta. And, in fact, ice cream has been scientifically proven to stimulate a happiness hormone known as Thrombotonin. That’s evidence enough for us!

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

First things first, located in Tsawwassen Mills is a true fan favourite: the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. At Rocky Mountain, there’s something for “every-bunny!” Opening its very first store in the Whistler Village in ’88, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has expanded into the successful institution it is today. While it’s known for its memorable fudge, Rocky Mountain also has an abundance of ice cream flavours, such as classics like Chocolate Cookie Dough and Oreo, to more unique flavours like Apple Crisp and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

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Pop Bar

It turns out that Tsawwassen Mills has another fabulous ice cream spot… Pop Bar! This joint has some super sweet choices that are especially unique. In addition to the classic scoops, Pop Bar offers the likes of Gelato Shakes, Popwiches, and “perfectly bite-sized” Pop Bites!


If you’re more of a gelato gal or guy, then you’re in luck! There’s a great Delta spot to satisfy your sorbet sweet tooth.

Mama Mia Gelato

Mama Mia Gelato‘s history in the food industry goes way back. Offering both gelato and ice cream, Mama Mia is known for its good quality products, always leaving customers wanting more. Be sure to check out Mama Mia’s renowned mango flavour!

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt is another form of ice cream that you simply can’t go wrong with. There are a few frozen yogurt options to check out throughout Delta.

Yogen Früz 

Once again located in Tsawwassen Mills, Yogen Früz is a widely loved frozen yogurt franchise. Started in 1986 by two young brothers, Yogen Früz has grown to a “world leader in the frozen yogurt category,” providing “delicious and nutritious frozen desserts.”


Last but not least, another frozen yogurt choice is the classic joint, Menchies. Found on the other side of Tsawwassen Mills in Tsawwassen Commons, Menchies’ simple yet powerful mission is “to make you smile.” The company also prides itself on providing a warm and friendly environment for frozen yogurt lovers, worldwide!

As the sun comes out, ice cream becomes an absolute must for cooling down. Lucky for you, there is clearly no shortage of options in Delta… Happy exploring!

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