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Hi there! I’m Paige a family photographer based out of South Delta, BC. I fell in love with photography in my grade 8 graphics class. After high school my ambition was to travel the world and I became a flight attendant. Every trip my camera was by my side. I would spend days photographing the world around me and my nights consumed in Photoshop editing the photos.

When my son was born, we decided we wanted to raise our son in the same community my husband and I both grew up in. I fell in love with photography all over again capturing the fleeting moments of our families daily life. I soon began photographing other families in the community and found my passion for being able to give them a moment frozen in time.

I find my inspiration in nature and beauty of this beautiful town we live in. In my photos I want to make you look your best but also do it in the most natural way possible. I want to capture you in your natural environment, either at home with a new baby, at the beach or walking in a park. I would love to connect and scroll down and let’s chat 🙂

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