Delta Artist Expresses Vision Through Tattoos

Delta Artist Expresses Vision Through Tattoos



Tattooing is my answer to being able to pursue my love for art, and have an art career that I can make a living at,” explains Kc Wladichuk, whose goal in her teens was to be either a horseback rider or an artist. Tattooing is just one of her many artistic expressions, including painting, mixed media and jewellery making, but she got hooked on it about ten years ago after taking a trip with her uncle to Adrenaline for a tattoo session where she met her current boss and mentor, ‘Big Jay”.


In the competitive field of tattoo design, a positive attitude, openness and a commitment to keep learning new skills are what it takes to really stand out and build customer loyalty. Wladichuk attributes her success and growth to her amazing experience over the last two years at “Royal Anchor Tattoo” in New Westminster. “My boss and mentor has built such a great shop with a friendly “come on in” attitude.”

Tattoo designs are very personal and many people have questions which is why the artist makes consultations a part of her scheduling process. “This is a great way to introduce myself and get to know a little bit about my new client.” An initial consultation helps to determine tattoo sizing and placement. She estimates that seven out of ten people who visit the shop are from Ladner, happy to make the short drive to New Westminster on the new highway.

Does a special image or concept inspire you? She encourages her clients to bring photos or drawings to show what designs they like. “Not all images will work, so part of my job is to help create a one-of-a-kind piece that is going to hold up through the years! I try not to restrict myself to a certain style since I’ve only been at it for a few years, although if any ‘horse’ project comes through the door, you’ll be sure to see my face light up!”

To get in touch, request a consultation or book an appointment, email her at View her work on Facebook or on her website.

KC at work putting her artistry to tattoo art


Business Name: Artist: KC Wladichuk Designs
Business Address: Royal Anchor Tattoo (The shop is located at 779 Carnarvon St. New Westminster, B.C. V3M3N9)
Phone: 604-544-0190

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