Experience Delta Celebrates Change of Ownership

Experience Delta Celebrates Change of Ownership


Experience Delta is thrilled to welcome Ian Tait as the new owner. Ian has a long community history and is well known from his years with the Delta Chamber of Commerce. The Experience Delta brand has worked hard over the past 6 years to showcase our local business owners, tourism attractions and community life. We have taken great pride in the high quality of production and our strong community roots, and with to let you know that we will continue to hold those values moving forward. Ian will be in touch shortly to introduce himself. 

For the short term, until the Covid-19 situation becomes more manageable we have put off publication of the next issue, Ian will advise you as to our options short term, and provide information as to the next publication dates. Our social media and digital presence will continue to support our current advertisers, please feel free to share your information with Ian at Experiencedeltasales@gmail.com or call him at 604-290-3971. Talk to Ian about how digital marketing can support your efforts during this time.

Lorna Van Straaten remains in the Delta area and will continue to run VS Publishing Inc, helping re-brand small businesses through websites and social media. Contact her at info@vspublishinginc.com or 604-317-6915. www.vspublishinginc.com. She wants to thank each of you for your partnership in the past years, friendships and support. 

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