Funding for BOLD Youth-Led Initiative in Delta-SEPT 18 DEADLINE

Funding for BOLD Youth-Led Initiative in Delta-SEPT 18 DEADLINE


Reprinted from the North Delta Reporter with Thanks!

Funding available for ‘bold youth-led initiatives’ in Delta
Delta Foundation, RBC providing up to $15K for projects that address diverse and urgent local issues

From the NORTH DELTA REPORTER STAFF / Jun. 11, 2019 2:07

Up to $15,000 will be made available to youth-led
projects that address diverse and urgent local
priorities as Delta Foundation joins the RBC Future
Launch Community Challenge.
Youth can apply for funding from the RBC Future
Launch Community Challenge to support their bold
ideas to address urgent community priorities. This
funding will provide an opportunity for young people
to lead, learn new skills, gain experience and build
relationships in their local communities — all things
that will help them prepare for the future of work.
“Youth are facing pressures on many fronts, and so
are our communities,” said Delta Foundation past
chair and current board director, Noël Philippot in a
press release. “At the Delta Foundation we want to
join this national challenge of creative solutions that
enhance equity, sustainability and fairness and, in
the process, help lay the groundwork for a brighter
Later this year Delta Foundation will also bring youth
and community members together for Vital
Conversations, a community dialogue focused on
creating a better future together.
The RBC Future Launch Community Challenge
goes far beyond Delta: participating community
foundations will make grants and learning
opportunities available to youth-led initiatives in 150
communities from coast to coast to coast. As a
whole, the RBC Future Launch Community
Challenge aims to empower Canadian youth for the
jobs and community realities of the future.
Youth, as well as children, are a high priority for the
Delta Foundation. It supports the Boys and Girls
Club, summer camps, high school scholarships,
even young people suffering from the effects of fetal
alcohol syndrome, among a wide range of causes.
“As implied through the Future Launch program,
youth are the future strength of our community in
Delta. They will bring the passion and commitment
to make our community and our world a better
place,” Delta Foundation chair Peter Roaf said in a
press release. “There can be no better, more
effective investment in the future of Delta than
encouraging youth to step forward with their dreams
and specific ideas about righting wrongs or making
improvements throughout Ladner, North Delta and
Tsawwassen, and perhaps even our farms and
industrial parks.”
“Young people are already demonstrating
tremendous leadership in communities in Canada
and across the world,” Andrew Chunilall, Community
Foundations of Canada CEO, said in a press
release. “Look no further than the massive youth-led
initiatives such as global student marches against
climate change. The RBC Future Launch
Community Challenge is an exciting opportunity to
help shift power into their hands further, by bringing
them to the decision-making table where they can
lead in developing solutions for the future.”
Grant applications will be accepted between May 22
and September 18, 2019. Contact Delta Foundation
for more information on how to apply, head to

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