Go Dodge Surrey: The Contest Winner

Go Dodge Surrey: The Contest Winner

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Win a Jeep For the Week

This month, Experience Delta was very excited to partner up with Go Dodge Surrey. Through an awesome contest, Jenna from Surrey was lucky enough to win a Jeep for the week! As a result, she got to pick out her very own Jeep Wrangler. Having “wanted a Jeep forever,” Jenna was the perfect person to win this fabulous vehicular prize! What better way to get around town than in your dream car: A white, removable-topped, JK Sport Jeep Wrangler?!

The Jeep Journey

We got to follow Jenna’s exciting “Jeep Journey” throughout the week, as she “explored the [Jeep’s] amazing features”:

“We took the top off and rode to my friend’s house. My friend and I played our favourite songs on Bluetooth and had a quick photo shoot. She loved the Jeep and is already working on convincing her mom!”

Due to Jenna’s fabulous experience, she has even converted her friends to Jeep lovers… This contest was surely a success!

Jeep Wrangler Contest winner go dodge surrey

Go Dodge Surrey

Go Dodge Surrey has a wide selection of Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Fiat, and Chrysler cars in the Greater Vancouver area, with over 3000 vehicles listed. Go Dodge is part of the Go Auto Group, which includes 40 dealerships. With “24/7 customer service and price guarantees”, along with some awesome contests such as “Win a Jeep For the Week,” Go Dodge is certainly a go-to!

Do you love Jeeps? Be sure to check out all of the incredible ones for sale at Go Dodge, including the fantastic Wranglers found on Go Dodge Surrey’s listings. In contrast, do you have limited knowledge on Jeeps and want to learn more about them? Check out this helpful information page!

Winning a Jeep for a week certainly brought Jenna some good times. Imagine what it would be like to have your very own!

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