Going Big with Kids-In Small Ways…

Going Big with Kids-In Small Ways…


by Nikita Bhatty Avdic, guest vlogger

If You Don’t Want To Go To The Park This Summer…You Don’t Have To!!

Good day Delta friends and I’m thrilled to be on line with you again. I’m a full time educator with lots of experience in schools with kids and I’m a mom too. I’m so excited to be reposting this vlog from last summer  that so many of you tuned in to, where I talked about why I’ve decided to go live on FB to help you out with your work with kids or your time raising them (I’m relaunching this fall, with a new look and more great content!) 

I’ve decided to post this video again this summer, so don’t be shy to make a comment because that’s the way we really get a chance to interact with each other and learn, and build our community of caregiving. 

This video is all about why you don’t have to go to the park if you don’t want to!  We’re about half way through the summer, and if you’re like most parents, you’ve gotten into a good groove of relaxation and family time now that school is long forgotten.

But also,  if you’re like many parents, you’re finding it hard to know what to do or where to take your kids this summer and each day is kind of dragging on.

How many of you are feeling a bit frazzled after a few weeks with the kids? 

We can all relate to that!  It seems to me that a lot of parents fall into this trap of going big during the summer by organizing a lot of activities and big trips, or even daily outings that can in the end, leave you frazzled and not so relaxed.

The question is, do you need to get the troops out as much as you do?

In my mind summer is all about one thing: slow.  That’s right…slow time.  It’s so important for kids and adults to take a slower pace to each day, especially over the holiday times that are so precious and far too few.  There’s a restless energy that can fill your home space when you are all simply too busy and feeling taxed, even from just packing up the little ones for a daily trip to the park.

Of course, this will be different for everyone.  If you want to venture out with your kids and discover new places and new things in big ways this summer, that is just fine.  But what if you crave lazy, hazy days around the house doing not much of anything?  I’m here to tell you that not only is that just fine, but in fact it’s highly beneficial.

I see a lot of parents struggling during the summer months to try to keep the kids busy and out of trouble when what they really want is to hang out at home.  This reminds me of a colleague who once told me that her favourite times with her kids were when her husband would go away on a work trip and the kids and her would hang out in their pyjamas all day and not do much of anything but pull out all the toys and wade around in total relax mode.

There are so many ways to go big with the kids in small ways.  One of my favourites, and something that had big impact on me was a simple summer drink.  My mom used to make us pink lemonade in the summer and fill the fridge with cherries and watermelon.  That pink lemonade over the years became etched in my brain as a memory of sitting around with her sipping a cold drink.

What’s your favourite memory of something simple from your summers as a kid?  Type it in the comments and let’s see how small things made a big impact on us in our own life.

Whether it’s playing with the garden hose, a backyard camp out, sharing cold fruit on your deck, or spending the day lounging around the house, don’t forget to SLOW  the pace of each day down as much as you can so that you can bring your kiddos and yourself to a restful, relaxed place.  How about changing your focus to creating those moments connecting with your kids with a chat, a cold drink or a run through the sprinkler, even you..

If you don’t want to go to the park, you don’t have to!  In fact, to all parents I would say, don’t do things with your kids unless you really feel like it and really are up for it.  You’ll be far better off managing your day in ways that are good for you, and your kiddos will thank you for it.

Thank you again everyone and I wish you all the best in the next few days as you soak up the sun and really kick back and do what moves you..and only that.

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