How to be confident and win over bullies!

How to be confident and win over bullies!


Bullying means to hurt someone physically, mentally and emotionally. These days with the advancement of technology, bullying has taken on new forms, such as cyberbullying. This type is even more harmful as more and more people come to know about the ‘targets.’

Cyberbullying spreads the information faster and to a higher number of people.

I would like to share an incident which originated as cyberbullying. A girl I know was bullied at school for not being ‘beautiful’ or having expensive clothes. The bully drew her animate images, called her names, tweeted on social media and humiliated her in chat rooms. The girl came to know about it from one of her classmates and was very sad and hurt. She began avoiding communicating with others in school, and slowly lost interest in studies and all activities. She isolated herself and was not the same cheerful person anymore. One of her classmates took the initiative and reported the matter to the school vice-principal and the counsellor. The school acted immediately and supported the girl. But the bullying still continued. The girl’s parents got involved and were thinking of shifting her to a new school. While all this was happening, one day she introspected,

“Am I wrong or are these bullies are? Should I allow them to control my life or I should take charge? They want me to not be successful and they take pleasure in hurting me. Who should change – the school, me or them?”

Her mother always told her daughter, “You are beautiful from the inside…”

Those words became louder and louder in her mind, and the girl gained strength to fight for herself. A few years later, I heard she is doing well for herself – studying to become a scientist. The message to my fellow youth is,

“Don’t let the bullies get you. Stay strong and they will be left with no choice but to go away. As a matter of fact, bullies are more insecure than you.”

Tell and talk to someone whom you can trust and count on to help you – your parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt, relatives, teachers,
counsellors or principals.

“We all have been bullied, or some of us has been a bully in some form of way. We know how it feels to get bullied. Even I have been bullied, but I raised my head and kept on going being me. Now that upsets bullies even more because they don’t know what to do to bring me back down. To anyone who this is happening to, and needs someone to listen to them, ‘I will be more than happy to be there and help guide you,’ is what somebody should say. It only takes one person to care to help someone. Be that one person. Bullying stops here!!”

– Sanya Dhingra

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