Lark Angels Foundation Helps Dementia with Sensory Stim Rooms

Lark Angels Foundation Helps Dementia with Sensory Stim Rooms


Lark Angels Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to the lives of our senior population, especially those suffering with Dementia, a brain disorder affecting their thinking, behaviour and ability to perform everyday tasks.

Dementia can cause memory loss, loss of vocabulary, change of moods, faulty reasoning, and disorientation, to name a few .It is recognised that sensory deprivation and lack of appropriate activity has a devastating impact on a person’s wellbeing and health. Older people in particular, who are limited in their physical and cognitive abilities, need to be offered and helped to engage in activity that provides multi-sensory stimulation as they may not be able to access this kind of stimulation on their own.  The right level of sensory stimulation helps to relieve stress and boredom helping them engage in activity that enhances the feeling of comfort and wellbeing.  

Everyone needs sensory stimulation in order to comprehend the world around them. The only way we can get information into our brains is through our senses; sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and movement. 

The Lark Angels Foundation goal is to build these Sensory Stimulation rooms, designed to reach and open their minds to our five senses of sound, smells, touch, sight and taste. These rooms have proven to be beneficial where a person if no suitable situations are provided, people living with dementia have nothing to do, they might become increasingly isolated, frustrated, bored and unhappy. A sad but true scenario is watching them sit hour by hour staring into space while their brain, like a puzzle, loses one piece at a time.

Dementia can happen to your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your neighbour, your friend… can happen to you.

Linda Fernholm, Patrick Doyle & Janet Isherwood, directors for Lark Angels Foundation hope to have, with the help of Associated Health Association, the first sensory stimulation room build later in the fall of 2019. These sensory stimulation rooms will be free to the public as Lark Angels Foundation relies on donations to support these rooms.

Please help us in our quest to build these sensory rooms and donate by calling Lara at 778-868-9172. A donation receipt will be issued at that time.

For more information view or email Janet at

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