New Year, New Me: A Guide to Healthy Eating in Delta

New Year, New Me: A Guide to Healthy Eating in Delta

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The end of the year dawns a time for change. As December comes to a close, we welcome 2019 with open arms. January 1st provides a cornerstone for growth and positivity. This New Year, what can you do to improve your lifestyle? Well, why not start with some fun yet healthy eating opportunities. Delta is the perfect place to explore dining in style; this blog lists some fantastic healthy restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores to cater to the new you.

Wood N Frog Coffee Company

First of all, to start off your January 1st the right way, curb that New Year’s Eve headache with a cup of delicious coffee in the one and only Wood N Frog Coffee Company. This “hidden gem” is not only known for healthy cuisine, but it’s the perfect little nook to hide out and get caffeinated on New Year’s Day. Bring a friend and chat about the goals you have for yourself in the potential-filled year to come.

Bombay Joe’s

Not only can you welcome healthy food into 2019, but you can pair that with multicultural cuisine! Bombay Joe’s prides itself in giving the “complete dining experience” to you and your family. This Indian restaurant offers dishes such as Veggie Pakora and Chicken Curry, and will leave you feeling satisfied in a positive way. Furthermore, Indian food is known for its healthy fibers and veggie-filled dishes. Welcome 2019 with this flavourful treat!

Bombay Joe's Indian Cuisine
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Illuminaté Restorante

If you want to kick off 2019 with a nice dinner out, be sure to check out Illuminat√© Restorante. This healthy, high end Italian restaurant combines a steakhouse-style with fresh, West coast seafood. A husband and wife chef ensemble work together to make this the perfect night out for the family.

Nationwide Natural Foods

Healthful cooking is another obstacle we often get stuck on. It begins with where you get your food – and Nationwide Natural Foods is the perfect starting point. Nationwide is Canadian-owned and operated, and specializes in natural, organic, gluten-free, vegan, and/or vegetarian options. Products range from dry to refrigerated to frozen, and provide a foundation for healthy cooking.

Nationwide Natural Foods Delta

Parsley, Sage & Thyme Health Store

Finally, another great place to do your healthy shopping is the Parsley, Sage & Thyme Health Store. Parsley, Sage & Thyme “has been part the Delta/Ladner community since the early 1970s,” and offers an assortment of options. Products range from vitamins and minerals to herbs to functional foods and organics. This health store is a great way to get on your fit feet and kick off 2019 in style.

Delta has the means for great things – this 2019, be the best you that you can be!

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