Swimming Spots in Delta… Talk about Family Fun!

Swimming Spots in Delta… Talk about Family Fun!

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Summer is fast approaching, which means hot weather, and spending your days outside in the sun! And what’s the best way to cool down on a hot summer’s day? By swimming of course! Spending the day at a beach or pool is a great summer activity to do with family and friends. Further, who doesn’t love catching some rays while lounging beside a refreshing body of water? Lucky for you, there are some great places to check out in Delta! This exciting blog post outlines some of the best places to cool down this summer! 

Beach Party!

Fred Gingell Park

First off, Fred Gingell Park is the perfect spot to swim on a hot summer’s day or taking a stunning walk along the beach, which stretches all the way to the ferry terminal. Whether it’s with friends, family or young children, this beach is great for all, and is equipped with picnic tables and bike racks. If you follow the winding path to the lookout platform, this hidden gem offers a gorgeous view of the strait of Georgia and the Gulf Islands, making it the ideal spot for a sunset or breathtaking lookout. 

Centennial Beach – Boundary Bay Regional Park 

Another fan favourite is Centennial Beach. This clean, spacious spot is the perfect place to cool down on a sunny day or have a BBQ with family or friends! However, if you don’t want to bring your own food, don’t fret! There’s a concession stand with lots of options to satisfy your sweet tooth. Additionally, the beach provides a beautiful view with mountains on one side and the city skyline on the other. There’s also a large playground, making it the perfect spot for kids! 

beach Delta swimming summer Fred Ginger Park, Centennial Beach

Pool time!

Ladner Outdoor Pool

Ladner Outdoor Pool is great for swimming and is especially a great environment for families! It’s open seasonally and hosts swimming lessons in the summer for children. Further, Ladner Outdoor Pool is equipped with changing rooms, a diving board, and lifeguards on duty. If you want more of a workout, there is a section to swim lengths. What a perfect place for a summer swim! 

Sungod Recreation Centre: 

If wanted a break from the sun, Sungod Recreation Centre is the place for you! This community centre contains four different pools and hosts swimming lessons for children and teens. There are a variety of different pools to choose to swim in, ranging from a lounging pool with a lazy river, deep pool with diving boards, as well as a pool to swim lengths! Additionally, parents can keep an eye on their young children by the shallow kiddie pool! 

Ladner Outdoor Pool, Sungod Recreational Centre swim swimming pool beach Delta

With summer fast approaching and the weather warming up, what better way to cool down and take a break from the sun than with a swim! Luckily for you, Delta, there’s no shortages of beautiful beaches and great pools to do so at. Happy exploring!

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