Things To Do This Valentine’s Day

Things To Do This Valentine’s Day

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The air is filled with sweetness and the stores are filled with pink… It’s that time of the year again! Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love – whether it’s with your partner, your family, or simply your best friend. This year, there are a bunch of activities you can do on February 14th. This blog post lists some of the great options in Delta for you to check out.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Flowers

Flowers have been a symbol for romance since the beginning of time. And there are some awesome florists in Delta to check out.

The Floral Shop in the Village and Flowers Beautiful are two of Delta’s best options if you want to send something special to that special someone. These florists create beautiful arrangements that are sure to add a splash of colour to your home and a smile to your loved one’s face.

Flowers Beautiful’s Blossoming Love Vase

Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

Because it’s a special day, you are absolutely entitled to some special treats!

Ladner Artisan Chocolate offers handmade artisan chocolates that are homemade with care. With locally sourced ingredients and an abundance of options that include truffles, bark, and tiger butter, this is the perfect place to treat your sweetie!

Ladner Artisan Chocolates
facebook / Ladner Artisan Chocolates

Another great option is the Chocolate Bear Shoppe, and really – you can’t go wrong with chocolate! This premier chocolate and confectionery establishment located in Tsawwassen is “the place to beat” for specialty chocolate.

the chocolate bear shoppe
instagram / @thechocolatebearshoppe

Finally, Richlea Bakery is a local bakery in Ladner. The Richlea chef, otherwise known as the Cake Maker, offers a wide and delicious variety of goodies, including “breads and buns to cakes and sweet treats.” A treat from Richlea Bakery is a great way to wrap up your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Richlea Bakery
Richlea Bakery’s infamous Sweet Pretzel

Dine Out!

Of course, a classic romantic option is to pick somewhere special to dine out. Wine, desserts, and delicious entrées are sure to have you breathing a sigh of relief and feeling all the loving you deserve!

Taverna Gorgona is a lovely Mediterranean restaurant that is the perfect place for romance. Between its beautiful sights and sounds, specialty Greek food, and noteworthy hospitality, you won’t regret spending your Valentine’s Day in the likes of this establishment! Known as the “Mediterranean Escape in the heart of Ladner,” the menu consists of ” family recipes have been passed down from generation to generation” and vibrant flavours that are sure to have your mouth watering.

Taverna gorgona delta ladner restaurant

Featured a few times in our blog posts, Illuminaté Restorante is the place for upscale Italian cuisine. Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday this year, which is very appropriate considering that Illuminaté offers its pizza and pasta night with a glass of wine for only $19.99. If you love fine dining that includes steak and seafood, this is a great spot to consider for your day of love!

Wine Out!

Last but certainly not least, if you’re a big fan of wine, Wellbrook Winery is a must-visit. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, this winery is reopening February 1st for the season! Offering distinctive quality wines, this “turn-of-the-century” spot is a unique and exciting chance to celebrate love in style. What’s more, Wellbrook offers free wine tasting daily as well as cooking classes. From Sparkling, to Table Wines, all the way to Dessert Wines, the selections are vast at Wellbrook Winery.

Wellbrook Winery
A peak inside Wellbrook

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show the great people in your life how much you truly love them! Whether it’s a bouquet of roses, a nice meal out, or simply a hand-written card with a thoughtful message, letting our loved ones know how loved they are is truly priceless.

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